Our Mission

Raven's Project is a scholarship and service organization dedicated to coaching and developing young women to become college graduates who are committed to life-long community service.   

We believe a well-rounded education experience should lead one to a life-time of service which simultaneously improves the life of the individual scholar and the community. As was the life of our heroine, Raven, we target young women who have experienced traumatic life events which may have impacted or interrupted their educational journey. 

Raven C. Johnson Memorial Perseverance Scholarship

The Raven C. Johnson Memorial Scholarship is established in memory and homage to her legacy AND in the spirit of Raven’s passion for learning.  The scholarship is awarded annually to young women who demonstrate perseverance in pursuit of higher education.  


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Exposure Experiences

We believe travel is the learning laboratory of the classroom. Our Exposure Experiences are unique opportunities to introduce and explore new places, people, and cultures. 


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Raven's Scholars Mentoring Program

In Development

My Life in the Sunshine Literary Conferences for Middle School Classes

My Life in the Sunshine is a fun, interactive, literary review of the inspiration book My Life in the Sunshine by Rae Charlese Johnson.It is designed for educators and students to draw from the life lessons of Raven's struggle and perseverance in pursuit of education. The conference includes a copies of the book, My Life in the Sunshine for students and one-day interactive presentation by the RP Team. It is free of charge to middle school programs! Recommend  your school for consideration.


Community Service  & Colloboration Projects

CIYOS Conference for Middle School Girls (MSK Foundation for Women)

An annual conference for middle school and high school girls focused on discovering self-identity, building self-confidence, and celebrating diversity.

Give Thanks Food Bank Project

Yearly day of service at Atlanta Food Bank.