At Raven's Project we believe travel is the learning laboratory of the classroom. The classroom comes alive when you experience what you've read in books, seen on television or heard from those who travel.


Our Educational Exposure Experiences- Triple E. Travel- are unique opportunities to introduce our scholars and clients to the world larger than there own  by exploring new places, food, people, and cultures and having a world of fun while they travel!


As a part of our GIVE. BOOK. CHOOSE. GO Campaign, we offer travel opportunities through our travel agency, Triple E. Travel. Join us for one our of exciting excursions and/or choose our agency to create your own exclusive vacation experience.


Triple E Travel 2020!

Join us for one or all three of these exciting tours! All trips include air & ground transportation, and lodging. Some tours include meals and excursions. Details and trip costs will be available January 15th. Stay tuned!

Help provide a scholarship by choosing Triple E Travel to book your next family vacation, group trip, or cruise!

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